About Us

Freight Filter gives you the solutions you need for your international freight moves.
Freight Filter was created to simplify and improve the process of pricing and booking international freight movements. In todays day and age, there is no reason that freight quotes should take hours or even days, no reason that pricing should not be transparent and certainly no reason why you should be made to feel like a number and not a valued customer.

The Idea

Having worked in the industry for nearly 2 decades, from working for giant multinational freight forwarders who operate like a conveyor belt making customers fit into their systems, to working with small niche specialists who have great customer service, but not usually the best buying power, I knew there was a better way to serve this customer base.

By improving the front end experience of obtaining freight pricing, so that is both easier and more cost effective for the importer / exporter, it in turn makes it more efficient for our transport providers to handle this business. Connecting that with the combined volume of our customer base and we are able to secure very competitive pricing that we can provide instantly online or on your phone or tablet.

Transport providers

We work with Freight Forwarders, carriers, hauliers or consolidators if we know they can add value, be it a cost advantage, customer service benefit or some specialist services for a particular niche. We want to simplify the process of choosing a transport provider and you can be confident that we have already done the work & due diligence before choosing any of our providers.

It’s by no means a closed shop, if there are any suppliers out there who feel they would be a good addition to our network please get in touch.



The Freight forwarding industry has always been notoriously slow to embrace new technology especially the efficiencies that moving elements of the process online could bring. Our founding team has a good balance of industry experience coupled with cutting edge technical knowledge which means we can continually evolve our product offering, adding features and integrations which make your life easier and more profitable.

Our system is built on the latest technology, incorporating an algorithm that takes the 10,000′s of price points from a multitude of sources (hauliers, shipping lines, freight forwarders), analyses, compares & instantly delivers the best routing option for your cargo, as well as smart alternative recommendations i.e. quicker transits & cheaper alternatives.

With many more interesting developments in the pipeline, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the industry.


The mission is simple: help UK SME’s easily price their goods to export overseas, give them confidence in the movement of their shipments by partnering with quality, reliable transport providers, do this at a competitive price and have fun while we’re doing it.